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You’re here because you’d rather be the worldly traveller cruising along the streets of Amsterdam, making the most of your precious holiday time truly loving and experiencing the Dutch lifestyle – with a local.

You also know that visiting a big city can be exhausting, overwhelming and when you’re on your own, lonely.  And not to mention – confusing. You don’t want to spend your time fumbling through your 350 page travel book not knowing what to do, where to go or even where to start. And you certainly do not want to spend your time lining up in the packed-like-sardines tourist hotspots collecting fridge magnets and meeting no one.  Because that type of travel – is not what you’re looking for.

What you do want?  Is to immerse yourself in the city and experience the local lifestyle creating memories that will be unforgettable.  And there’s no better way to do this, than with a local.

You can have this, and more, with me, Maartje in a number of ways (Whoo hoo!).  I’ve created exclusive tours for travellers who want to remove the feeling of isolation and are looking to discover Amsterdam with fun, adventure and mouth-watering local culinary food, as well as being immersed with glistening champagne popping luxury. Because the one thing that I want you to feel?  Is truly special. And this is how:

Choose your experience with a local below

  • Only a few spots available per week: as I’m the only local so far.
  • Excluding: additional drinks and starters
  • Any dietary requirements: you can let us know and find it further in the booking process.
  • Optional: pick up and drop off at your hotel, contact us for more info.

If there is anything else we can do to make this biketour an experience you will always remember, please contact us.


Your Tour Experience

  • We meet at the bike rental shop, jump on our bikes and begin your local Amsterdam experience cycling towards our first highlight – the infamous Red Light District. From there we’ll cycle along the small cobblestone streets and over the beautiful bridges towards the Nieuw Market and the spectacular De Waag building.

  • Here we will immerse in the atmosphere as we sip on a coffee at a local coffee shop

  • We will then pedal further towards the GASSAN Diamond factory where you will be taken on an exclusive tour through the through beautiful Gassan monumental building, where you’ll experience the creation and cutting of raw diamonds and see the diamond cutters at work while being surrounded by ALL THE BLING.  And if diamonds are your best friend? Then there is plenty of time to shop in the boutique GASSAN store! 

  • As we step back onto our bikes, you’ll continue to cycle and experience the vibe and charm of the city.  Through the beautiful streets, over the Skinny Bridge (and many more of Amsterdam’s 252 bridges!) and along the glistening boat filled canals.

  • Our next highlight is Amsterdam’s most beautiful market – the Albert Cuyp Market.  here, we’ll jump off our bikes and wander through the vibrant market as you surround yourself with the local culture, the beautiful flowers and the traditional Dutch culinary that you can try to your heart’s content.

  • As we continue to cruise through the city, we’ll arrive at Museum Square where you’ll have all the opportunity to create some beautiful photos before we relax for coffee or wine near the elegant P.C Hooftstraat while sharing our travel stories and where you’ll learn more about the local Dutch lifestyle.  

  • You’ll then experience the luxurious boutiques and beautiful scene of P.C. Hooftstraat as you cycle through and head towards the ferry.  Here we’ll take our bikes with us and cross the river IJ to arrive at the Adam Tower where you’ll have a breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view of everything in  Amsterdam.

  • And if that traveller in you is also a little bit of a daredevil? You can then swing over the edge of the Adam Tower  – Europe’s highest swing on the A’dam Lookout sky deck and have your family and friends green with envy!

  • We’ll then celebrate the end of the tour with your chosen package: either a few drinks, lunch or an elegant 7 course dinner.  

And with your short time in Amsterdam, the one thing you’ll walk away with?  Is the most memorable experience of this charming town!