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This tour is different than other tours. It’s not just a cycling tour, it’s so much more! She told us about the city and since it was just the two of us we felt free to ask away. She also was very interested in who we are and where we come from. It made us feel attended to and special. The touch of luxe was the cherry on top! The tour itself was very relaxed and at our own pace. The sights were great, the tour stops amazing, and the food at Moon was to die for! We would definitely recommend this to others.

Correia e Silva

What a lovely day! Maartje is a very relaxed guide who will do everything to make you feel happy. She’s not only giving you info about the city and the habits in the Netherlands but she also interested in you. There’s no hurrying during the tour, more than time enough to look around and take photos. The sites we’ve visited were great, especially the diamond factory. And the food was amazing! At the end I felt like I had been on a mini vacation.

Judith van der Linden

I was excited to see the new city I had visited for the first time.
During the tour I was very happy and I enjoy a lot during cycling. During stop its cool to have some walk and talk, visiting sites is very interesting activities to know more about everything and history.
I had the feeling that I get my suitable rewards in my holiday after the hard work during the year.
Yes, sure I would recommend and I already talk with some friend about it, because its amazing experience.
To be with a local was very interesting and a lot of happiness. Its safe and comfortable and communications is very easy with her.
I would like to thanks her very much for that amazing day, wish I’ll repeat it again soon.

Essam Abdelmonem

I had a tour with Maartje and we shared really good moments!
Great food, amazing conversations, all while biking through the wonderful Amsterdam! Can’t go wrong with that!

Leandro Santos

Maartje was amazing, we did a 3 hour bike tour to cover all the main sites of Amsterdam. She knows a lot about the area, she is great company and even showed me good spots to eat and take photos.

Azeem Ijat Butt

Maartje was a delight. She had offered to take me on a bike tour to see the highlights of Amsterdam, and I am so glad I joined her. She is a very ambitious woman who has an incredible story and has many promising ventures ahead. She epitomizes generosity and authenticity. I highly recommend you take time to have coffee with her and hear about her aspirations. You will be inspired and refreshed by her passion and zeal for life.

Blake Williams

I was lucky enough to meet Maartje while I’m in Amsterdam. She’s so positive, kind and knowledgeable it makes our time cycling through the city passes so fast! It’s definitely a whole new experience for me to be able to bike 🚲 in Amsterdam. I wouldn’t have this wonderful experience if it wasn’t for you, Maartje. Thank you so much for taking your time bringing me around the special part of the city. I wish you all the best for your future plans and hopefully to see you soon somewhere in the world! I highly recommended anyone who comes to Amsterdam to meet her! It’s totally a whole new experience to see the city through local’s eyes!

Mia Pascual

I had a tour with Maartje and we shared really good moments!
Great food, amazing conversations, all while biking through the wonderful Amsterdam! Can’t go wrong with that!

Me and my friend were in Amsterdam, and Maartje made a little bike trip for us. She is so kind and opened. I can’t imagine what would we do if we were alone. She showed us how to ride safety and correctly. I highly recommend her! Waiting for you in Moscow for cycling!)))