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Luxury Travel Diary: Bubbles & Bikes #1 out of top 10 best tours in Amsterdam

So you have a planned trip to beautiful Amsterdam. Whilst it can be quite nice to just amble around the streets of somewhere new, it can also sometimes be a good idea to make a plan. There are a multitude of options that can introduce you to this wonderful city’s cultural offerings. With a wide variety of options to choose from, I have put together my top 10 of the best tours in Amsterdam.

| Top 10 best tours in Amsterdam

Cycling with a local in Amsterdam

 ‘Swinging over the edge? Once but never again’ she said. Judith, a blogger from Worldwife.nl, wrote a blog about her experience of the luxury biketour in Amsterdam. Bubbles & Bikes provides 3 tour packages. Judith chose to do the ‘Prosecco biketour’.

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