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You’re a jet-setting traveller, an explorer and have an iphone filled with travel photos that everyone adores.

(and, let’s be honest, envies).

You love to get lost down the secret tiny cobblestone streets with dim lights and crooked houses, to discover local restaurants that are hidden gems where the food is cooked by “Mamma” and spend sunny afternoons sipping coffee watching the world go by while laughing with the locals as you hear their life stories – and share yours.

To your friends and family, this incredible life experiencing places around the world, looks like there is nothing better.

And that’s all fine and well….

….but there’s a tiny little kind of big problem:

Traveling on your own can be really lonely.

You can get lost, too lost and find yourself back at the crowded tourist hot spots sitting alone talking to no one in an overpriced restaurant where the food is really, really bad.

And the last thing you want to do is be shown around the city by a tour guide following a giant red sign that says “Tour group 1” listening to facts that you’ll forget about and going nowhere slowly because someone from the group has wandered off – again.

You want to experience the true culture, feel the buzz of the lifestyle and immerse yourself in the city like it’s your home while creating unforgettable memories with someone who becomes a lifelong friend.

But you don’t have time for googling travel blog after travel blog or searching instagram hashtags…. 

…and you have no idea where to begin.

Hi! I’m Maartje.

I’m the story seeker, travel dreamer, memory making globetrotter behind Bubbles and Bikes with a local and I’m passionate about meeting the travellers, the jet-setters, the expats, the entrepreneurs and the flying corporate individuals and helping them to experience my home that I love like it’s their own home (including helping you to feel like you’re an Amsterdammer!)

And I do this in a way that only a Dutchie knows how, splashed with luxury, adventure and style.

Or, to put it more simply:

With champagne bubbles, Dutch delicacies and Dutch wheels. Bicycle wheels, that is.

Why do I do it? 


Because I am a traveller seeking experiences, just like you. One of my very first childhood memories was jumping on a plane to the beautiful island of Kos, in Greece.

I can still remember the feeling of the sand as I ran on the beach and the salty water on my skin, the smell of the fresh fish from the local fisherman and the sound of the bustling food market filled with colourful food picked fresh from the local farmer.

It was my very first travel experience that has now become a lifelong memory.  And it has shaped my destiny.

Ever since then I have known that travelling, truly experiencing corners of the world like it’s your home, creating connections, friendships and sharing stories with locals is what makes it memorable and unforgettable.

Life can have it’s ups and downs, just like it did for me.  And when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I realised two things:

1/ That life is not about what you have, but about the journey you travel and memories you leave behind that bring a smile to everyone’s heart.

2/ That life can be short, but the best way to live it?  Is to the fullest. WIth joy, happiness and surrounding yourself with like-minded people who continue to inspire you to truly live this life.  

I also realised it’s how you experience life. With friendships, connections, stories, places and people, understanding their way of life and sharing yours.  They say home is where the heart is. My heart? Is in every place of this beautiful world.

And now, after vacationing with my family across the world during my life, living in Curacao for a year, Ecuador for 6 months and Hungary for 3 months, plus a world trip of 4 months, I’m back in another place I call home.  The city I love. Amsterdam.

And I help people experience the true essence of Amsterdam and create unforgettable memories, just like I have.

I’ll take your hand and cycle with you through the city and have you experience the lifestyle with a local in the exact way you’ve been dreaming about.

You’re already a traveller, an explorer, a globetrotter and a person who wants to experience different ways of life.

Let’s make it even more memorable, with the hidden secrets, the beautiful streets and the local delicacies, splashed with a luxury, adventure and naturally, style – glistening diamond and bubbling champagne style.

Time to live like an Amsterdammer. I’m ready to roll with you – literally, on a bike.

What do you want to do?