Do you want to visit a busy and lively city like Amsterdam without all the incentives?

Do you want to prevent that you immediately lose all energy before you have even started your trip?

Do you want to hang out with a local that can find all the hotspots?

And do you want to do all of the above without dodging into people over and over again?

During a city trip it is difficult not to think in terms of obstacles such as: how do I see all the highlights that the city has to offer without compromising on my relaxing time? Of course you want to experience the city as it is, without having to follow a guide who thunders boring facts that you have long forgotten when you return home. Oh, and in addition you may want to experience some luxury during your vacation. If you are sensitive to incentives these thoughts distract you from what really matters: visiting and exploring Amsterdam.

Hey, Stop worrying. You can visit Amsterdam and enjoy all these benefits:

Save your energy

Hang out with a local

Avoid the crowds by going on bike

Make unforgettable memories

You don’t have to rush whilst citytrippin’

See all the highlights on your list

Do all of the above with a luxurious touch while enjoying good food and drinks

Sounds good? Here’s how we’re going to do it:

You will experience Amsterdam by bike in a relaxed manner. Together with a friendly local you will see the best of Amsterdam, taste the best Dutch delights and do all of this in a luxurious way. You’ll cycle along the highlights of the city and stop at 3 interesting resting places (Gassan diamond experience, Albert Cuyp and Adam lookout). And to put the icing on the cake: you’ll end the tour with an amazing view over the city, away from the crowd, whilst sipping your wine or enjoying a bite to eat.

    To make sure you have tasted the very best of our Dutch delights before the end of the tour, you’ll get a BONUS goodie bag with Dutch delicacies worth €25.