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Don’t just visit Amsterdam.  Experience the true lifestyle of Amsterdam with an exclusive, luxurious (and even a little adventurous) bike tour – with a local.

Crowded tourist hot spots.  Prams hitting your ankles. Giant city maps and mortifying cultural faux pas. And that Amsterdam city group tour guide? As a worldly traveller who values experiencing the true culture of a city, a follow-the-flag group tour is the last thing to meet your desires.

None of that is going to make your travel experience pleasurable, or memorable.

And you can wander endlessly around this big bustling city with 110 “What to do in Amsterdam” browser tabs open on your iphone not knowing where to go, what to do or even where to start.  And when you’re short on time? You’re left feeling overwhelmed.

But what if you could experience the city in a way that makes you feel like you’re a local? To cycle like a Dutchie through the beautiful Amsterdam streets, to sip coffee at a local cafe and to taste the true traditional Dutch delights?  To see the sights that the tourists don’t know about, to immerse yourself in glistening diamond luxury and feel the local vibe chilling over a glass or two of bubbles with the best views in town?

Yes, I thought so 🙂 

So if you want to experience the city like you live here, while creating memories that will have your friends addicted to your instagram and purple with envy and your family wondering if you’ll ever come back (Amsterdam can’t be that amazing…or can it?) then welcome to Bubble and Bikes.  THE place for the bike loving, experience seeking, never-want-to-forget this moment traveller who wants to explore the true heart of Amsterdam with a local – like it’s their home.

And guess what? You don’t even have to plan it.  Because I’ve already done the planning for you. All you have to do?  Is choose the bike tour below that’s perfect for you.

Wine tour

Prosecco tour

Champagne tour